What is the adaptive driving training process for a Massachusetts licensed driver?

Are you a MA licensed driver with a recent medical change impacting your ability to safely operate original equipment manufacturer (OEM) vehicle controls? Follow the steps below to explore your options.

  1. Once you identify safety concerns related to driving with OEM controls, it is recommended that you refrain from driving until further assessed by a DRS/CDRS or occupational therapist who specializes in driver rehab. 

  2. Schedule a driving evaluation with a DRS/CDRS. It may be recommended to begin with a clinical driving assessment to further assess your underlying strengths and weaknesses to assist with determining the best next step for you.  

  3. Once your needs are established, training with a DRS/CDRS using adaptive driving equipment will be needed to develop the necessary skills to drive safely and prepare for a competency road test. 

  4. When ready to test, you must self-report to RMV Medical Affairs. One of our licensing guides will assist you with sending a letter reporting your change in medical status, recent training with adaptive driving equipment, and request for a competency road test with use of this equipment. 

  5. Once approved by Medical Affairs, we will assist you with scheduling a competency road test at the RMV and make sure your DRS/CDRS is available to be your sponsor. 

  6. Medical Affairs will mail you a packet containing the paperwork that will need to be completed by you and/or your doctor in preparation for the competency road test. This paperwork must be brought with you to the road test along with your driver’s license. 

  7. Once you pass a competency road test, your license will be coded for your specific adaptive equipment needs. It is your responsibility to refrain from driving with any other vehicle configuration or you could be subject to significant fines and license suspensions. 

  8. A prescription for your equipment requirements will be created and made available to you by your DRS/CDRS. Your vehicle equipment provider will require this prescription to complete the modifications to your vehicle.