What Can I Expect During a Massachusetts Road Test?

The MA road test is performed at participating RMV locations. Beginning May 22, 2022, students will be required to supply their own vehicle for road tests. If scheduling with The Next Street, you are able to use our adapted rehab vehicle.

We recommend practicing the following maneuvers:


1. Parallel parking: Depending on the RMV location of your test, you may be asked to parallel park behind another vehicle on the road or between a set of cones designed specifically for the road test. 

**Remember to signal right while setting up for the maneuver and take your time as you back into the space. 


2. 3-point turn: After pulling over curbside, the examiner will ask you to perform a 3-point turn maneuver to turn the vehicle around.

**Remember to signal left and check your surrounding prior to advancing across the road. Continue to check in both directions while changing gears and turning the wheel prior to reversing and again prior to returning to the road.

**Remember that final signal to the left as you finish up the maneuver and go on your way. 


3. Backing up: You'll be asked to back up in a straight line along a curb approximately 50 feet. 

**Remember to proceed at a walking pace and make only small adjustments to the wheel as needed. 


4. Securing your vehicle on hills: The examiner will ask you to pull over and park the vehicle on a hill. You will be expected to remember how to face your wheels when parking uphill and downhill. 

**Don’t forget to look for a curb when parking uphill as this will change the direction you will position the wheel.

**Also remember to set the parking brake. 


5. Know your hand signals: Left, Right, Slow Down, and Stop. The Massachusetts RMV examiner will ask these before you even start the car, so make sure to review these.  

6. Remember the Parking Brake: You'll be asked to set your parking brake during the test, so make sure to release it afterwards. 

**Forgetting to do this can result in an immediate failure. 


7. Turning: Right and left turns will be on your test. Be sure to turn into the same lane you're turning from. 

**Turning into the wrong lane is a top mistake people make on the Massachusetts driving test. 


For more MA Road Test Info and forms, refer to the links below:

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