How many driving lessons are recommended with a driving school?

In many cases, 8-10 hours of private lessons is sufficient. Some people need more time, some people are able to learn only from their friends and family.

We strongly recommend at least 8 hours of lessons for any new driver. With that said, we recognize that no two stories are the same and that each of our customers are unique. Some students may require 40-50 hours of lessons. Others may not need any. It all depends on how much time you've spent driving and how much access you will have to practice on your own time. 

Think of private driving lessons like you would private music lessons. In a 2-hour lesson, your Instructor is going to teach you core practical concepts. It is then up to you to go home and master those core concepts. When you return for your next lesson, we'll assess and then progress. If you are able to get 10-12 hours of practice in between lessons, 8 hours of private training will likely be plenty. In many cases, a family will tell us that they simply can't fit practicing in and will ask us to do all 40 hours of training.